meet your new home.
Building your new home should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. From choosing floor plans, to creating interior colour schemes and all the way through the construction process, you need to know that your Builder is both flexible and knowledgeable.

Not only does Arban provide you with many different standard options for the layout of your new home, but we are truly one of the only builders in Melbourne who will spend time necessary to totally customise any of our designs to suit your needs. Have an idea in mind for your own layout? No problem at all, we can cater to the Architectural Design market, but will not charge you for this priviledge, that's right, it does not cost one cent more to design your own home.

Imagine that! A totally customised home, entirely unique in your street and your neighbourhood, designed to complement and enhance your lifestyle, not force you into changing yours to suit a volume builder's tired and over used design. It is almost too good to be true.

Select an option from our menu, so that you can finally meet your new home.